Messer Reasserts Innocence: I'm Not Linked to Holyland Affair

Former lawyer of Ehud Olmert will not be among those facing criminal charges, police say.

The police announced yesterday that it has insufficient evidence to indict Uri Messer, the former attorney and associate of Ehud Olmert, for wrongdoing in the Holyland affair.

"As I have said throughout this process, I have no connection to the Holyland case," Messer told reporters yesterday.

messer - Haaretz - Aug 24 2010

"The police today confirmed that Messer was all along different from the other suspects in the case," said his lawyer, Shimon Dolan.

"The suspicion against him was based on a state's witness who is not credible whatsoever. [Messer] was jailed for 11 days because his name is linked to the case and not because of any evidence against him. It was convenient [for the police] and for the media to connect him to this affair. He has been wronged," Dolan added.

Asked whether Messer intends to testify in court against Olmert, Dolan said: "Like everyone else, if he is summoned to testify, he will testify. There has never been any such agreement with him."