Mentally Challenged TA Man Admits to Stabbing Father to Death, Wounding Mother

Police are finding it difficult to communicate with a 41-year-old Tel Aviv resident who has been in custody since yesterday as a suspect in the killing of his father, Zachar Galuhi, 68, and of injuring his mother. The suspect admitted to officers that he stabbed his father to death, but then stopped communicating with investigators.

The murder occurred at about 9 A.M., as the couple sat for breakfast in their seventh-floor apartment on Mahal Street in south Tel Aviv. At some point the parents called their son to join them, and for reasons not yet clear the suspect walked into the kitchen, took a knife and began stabbing his father. His mother tried to protect the father and was lightly injured in her hand.

A neighbor told police that she heard shouting from the apartment, and when he opened his front door he saw Galuhi sitting at the entrance to his apartment, soaked in his blood. The neighbors called the emergency services and police, and Magen David Adom crews arrived at the scene within minutes but failed to save the father.

Officers at the scene arrested the son who was still in the apartment, and even before he was taken for questioning at the station, he admitted to stabbing his father. However, since that time he has remained silent. "We cannot see a clear reason for the murder," Yitzhak Gatanio, deputy chief of the Yiftah police said yesterday. "Most probably the son suffered psychological problems. This is a small family, and we had not received reports of problems with them."

The neighbor said that the three had emigrated from the former Soviet Union in the 1990s, and moved to the building two years ago. The mother taught piano and the neighbor said there had been no signs of violence or shouting. The suspect will be brought to court this morning, where the police will ask that he be remanded in custody and taken for initial psychiatric evaluation to ascertain whether he is fit to stand trial.

In another incident on Monday, a man was stabbed to death in Netanya. The victim was known by police for his role in burglaries, and the murder occurred near a complex that is used for illegal gambling. Police believe that the killing was part of a turf war for control of the area.

Two days ago police arrested Alexander Korilov, a homeless man who lived with his parents in public parks, on suspicion of strangling his mother and attacking his father. The father, Vladimir, is also suspected of involvement in the killing, and along with his son was remanded into custody for 12 days pending a completion of the investigation.