Mazuz to Indict MK Gorlovsky Over Double Vote in Knesset

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said yesterday that he intends to indict Likud MK Michael Gorlovsky on charges related to voting twice in parliament.

Gorlovsky will be charged with fraud, deception and breach of trust following the "double votes scam" during the vote on the emergency economic plan in May 2003, Mazuz said yesterday.

Unless the Knesset decides in the next month not to remove Gorlovsky's immunity, Mazuz will be able to present the charges in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court.

Mazuz's decision came three weeks after the High Court of Justice ruled on the second petition by the Movement for Quality Government against the House Committee, which had decided not to remove Gorlovsky's immunity.

The committee met again following the High Court's previous ruling, also in response to a petition by the movement. The court had ruled, after the committee's first decision not to revoke Gorlovsky's immunity, that the committee had overstepped its authority. The court said the committee should have restricted itself to considering whether the attorney general's decision to charge Gorlovsky was tantamount to political persecution.

However, the committee ignored the High Court's verdict, thus triggering the second petition.

Meanwhile, the Knesset changed the immunity law and now the House Committee no longer has the power to reject the request to revoke an MK's immunity.

According to the drafted charges, Gorlovsy voted twice on two occasions, once for himself and once for the absent MK Gilad Erdan, thus fraudulently adding a vote to the count.

Gorlovsky said that his parliamentary immunity should not be lifted, as he had admitted to voting twice and has already been disciplined by the Knesset Ethics Committee with a four-month suspension from plenum debates.

If he does file such an appeal, the House Committee will discuss it, although merely to put together a recommendation. The matter would then be brought to the Knesset plenum for a public vote.