Mayor's Brother Among 2 Killed in Kalansua Shooting

'The shooters fired in all directions. They fired at everyone, like ducks in a shooting gallery.'

The brother of the mayor and another man were killed Wednesday night when shots were fired into a cafe in the Israeli Arab town of Kalansua in northern Israel. Three other people were wounded. Police are looking for the perpetrators.

Saadi Hadija, 53, the mayor's brother, and Wasim Natur, 35, were killed.

Kalansua shooting - Sharon district police - Sept. 29, 2010
Sharon district police

"The shooters fired in all directions," an eyewitness said. "They fired at everyone, like ducks in a shooting gallery."

The Kalansua municipality yesterday called a general strike following the incident. Deputy Mayor Abed Alkarim al-Jamal told Haaretz the mosques' imams were asked to devote today's sermon to the rising violence in Arab towns and villages and especially in Kalansua. Teachers and principals have been instructed to talk to the students about the violence when they return to school after the strike.

"This incident crossed a red line. We've had violence before but we knew who was behind it. This time it is completely different. Anyone of the town's residents could have been in the cafe at that time. It has scared everyone," Al-Jamal said.

The town management yesterday met with the Taibeh police commander and senior police officers and asked them to act swiftly to capture the culprits.