Maybe Even Easier

Einat Tzubari, 28, Holon Route: From Holon’s Jessie Cohen neighborhood to a dance class in Tel Aviv. Bus No. 72, about 30 minutes.

Einat Tzubari is majoring in history and literature at Tel Aviv University and calls herself a seasoned bus rider, but she admits to being frustrated by the new arrangements. She was pleased to find she could get from her home to the dance studio without having to switch buses, and that the driver let her use her Egged bus pass to travel on the Dan company line, at least this once.

"I'm actually optimistic and am looking forward to an improvement as a result of the reform," Tzubari said during the ride. "I can't afford to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv but I go there quite a lot and it's important for me to have convenient routes. From my understanding, the reform could improve my access to Tel Aviv. Before, I took Egged to Azrieli Center and then switched buses for the university. Now, for the first time, there's a Dan bus that goes straight from Jessie Cohen to campus."

The reform may also make it unnecessary for Tzubari to borrow her parents' car to get to certain parts of Holon, as she once did. "I think there's supposed to be an improvement in that area as well," she said.