Married Murderers May Hold Conjugal Visit in Jail During Furlough, Court Rules

Two married high-profile murderers may hold a conjugal visit in jail during their furlough time, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled yesterday.

By law, prisoners may have conjugal visits in jail only if they are not allowed furloughs under house arrest.

The couple, Sigalit Haimovich, who is serving 24 years for murdering teen Assaf Steinerman, and Shahar Cohen, who is serving a life sentence for murdering soldier Alfred Cohen, are allowed such furloughs. However, they say the only place available to them is Cohen's parents' home in Kfar Sava, but Haimovich is barred from the city because Steinerman's family lives there.

The Prison Service suggested the couple ask for police approval for a conjugal visit somewhere other than Kfar Sava, but the couple says they found no other options.

"This claim is not well explained, and raises the possibility that the petitioners are seeking extra privileges," Judge Judith Shitzer said. She therefore ruled that until the couple found an alternative location, they could hold conjugal visits in jail during their furlough time.

In 1996, Haimovich and a friend Roi Horev beat Steinerman to death. Cohen shot and killed Alfred Cohen, a soldier in his unit, following a fight over use of the telephone.

Haimovich and Cohen met in prison during the inmates' version of "A Star is Born," and were married two years ago.