Man Shot Dead in NIS 200 Gas Station Robbery

Thieves fatally shot a passerby who startled them as they robbed a gas station in the Galilee village of Touran Friday night and made off with NIS 200, police said.

Mohammed Said Adawi, 33, from Touran, finished visiting his friends at a car lot at the entrance to the village and was walking to his car when he passed by the gas station, the target of the armed thieves, who shot him. They moved on to take NIS 200 in cash and then fled the scene, police said. Adawi, critically wounded, managed to get into his car and began driving toward the village, traveling only some 200 meters before sliding into a ditch by the side of the road. He was taken by ambulance to Poriya Hospital in Tiberias and was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police arrived in large numbers at the scene, led by the commander of the Nazareth Police station, Chief Superintendent Shmuel Ben Shavo, and Brig. Gen. Nissim Levi, commander of the Amakim District. The police believe the same group that killed Adawi and robbed the Touran gas station robbed another gas station earlier in the evening, near the village of Nin east of Afula.