Man Killed Wife in Front of Children, Say Police

A Beit She'an man allegedly stabbed his wife to death early Friday morning in front of two of their seven children.

Police said Yitzhak Buhbut, 41, confessed to killing his wife Revital, 35, and reenacted the incident.

Police said the victim returned home from her work at a carrot-packing facility at nearby Kibbutz Reshafim after midnight. The suspect, who had been asleep, awoke, and a dispute erupted when the woman criticized the disorder in the home.

Around 1:30 A.M., Buhbut allegedly grabbed a large kitchen knife and stabbed his wife to death.

Last week, municipal welfare services received a complaint that Revital Buhbut had treated her children violently. Several of the children had been questioned.

The authorities had not questioned the woman before she was killed.

Police said the suspect told them, "I took a kitchen knife and murdered her. I couldn't take it anymore."

While the suspect reenacted the incident Friday morning, police found the knife on the roof of a school building, along his alleged escape route.

The suspect's attorneys, Boaz Reuven and Yahel Ben-Oved, said their client remembers nothing of the incident.

Buhbut told them he had been subjected to his wife's violent outbursts, and that a hearing had been scheduled for June 16 to place a restraining order on her.

Police said the couple had long had a troubled relationship, and several neighbors expressed sympathy for the suspect.

"When he was in the army he worked as a plane mechanic and provided for the family by working for Tnuva in Tel Yosef. A quiet guy," said one.

"Yitzhak was frustrated, because she always yelled at him. The mess didn't start today. A few months ago they celebrated their oldest son's bar mitzvah, but it couldn't conceal the strained relations within the home.

"He was the last person I'd expect to do this," said another.

The case is being handled by Amakim District police, and the children have been placed in the care of Beit She'an Welfare Services.

On Friday afternoon a judge at Beit She'an Magistrate's Court extended Buhbut's remand by 11 days.