Man, Irked by Dismissal, Charged With Attempted Murder of Former Colleague on Tel Aviv Boulevard

Prosecution maintains Idan Anouri planned the attack for months; Attorney says his client denies all charges and that the evidence is based on 'circumstantial' evidence.

A Ramat Gan man was indicted yesterday for allegedly trying to murder a a colleague from the NGO Born to Freedom to avenge his dismissal.

The man, Idan Anouri, 34, was indicted at the Tel Aviv District Court for attempting to stab to death his intended victim, a woman. His lawyer says he denies the charges.

Idan Anouri
Moti Kimche

According to the indictment, Anouri began working at Born to Freedom in December 2007. In November 2009, Anouri shouted at her that "people who have spoken to me like you're speaking to me have been laid out. They spoke to me differently after that. From now on, when you're walking on the street, look to your left and look to your right, because you know me and my friends."

Anouri was later dismissed from his job; the prosecution suspects he tried to avenge this by killing the woman and making it look as if she had been the victim of a botched robbery.

The prosecution maintains that Anouri planned the attack for months by reading relevant material on the Internet, acquiring knives and buying a separate phone card to make calls related to his plans. In September he bought a motorcycle, which he registered under a different name using a stolen ID card, the prosecution says, adding that occasionally he would call the NGO to see if the woman was working.

When he called on February 6 this year, she answered; according to the charges, he decided to ambush her after she finished work that night at 11 P.M. She would be taking the bus home to Tel Aviv.

At about 11:20 P.M. she got off the bus and Anouri allegedly followed her on his motorbike to the corner of Chen Boulevard and Hashoftim Street.

According to the prosecution, as the woman was about to cross the street, Anouri attacked her, kicking and punching her. In the scuffle, Anouri cut her hand, face and mouth with a knife. She grabbed him closely so he could not stab her in the heart, but he stabbed her twice in the abdomen and the back, the prosecution says.

A passerby tried to intervene, but Anouri warned him not to come near.

He allegedly shouted: "Let go of your bag," and stole the woman's bag. He fled on his motorbike toward Rabin Square.

The victim was rushed to Ichilov Hospital, where she was operated on and kept under observation for two weeks.

The motorbike found by the police allegedly had Anouri's DNA and fingerprints on it. Other evidence was found at his apartment.

Anouri's attorney says that "in conversation with my client, he denies all the charges. The indictment is based on evidence that could be described as circumstantial, so I believe we have a long way to go."