Man Held for Molesting, Raping Four Daughters Over 15 Years

A 59-year-old postal worker from the center of the country was arrested on Tuesday night on suspicion of raping and molesting four of his daughters for up to 15 years, police said yesterday. His remand was extended at the Rishon Letzion Magistrate's Court for six days.

Police said the man's eldest daughter, 21, told a social worker that her father raped and molested her since she was 5. The worker informed the police, who asked the young woman to come in for questioning. She told police she decided to break her silence for fear that her youngest sister, 6, would soon also be molested by their father.

The investigators then made contact with a younger sister, who also told them she was severely molested by the man. Police believe two other daughters have also been molested, and have assigned a youth officer to question the two.

"These grave sexual offenses spread over 14 years, and the incidents in question are truly shocking," the officer in charge of the investigation told Haaretz. "The daughters' testimonies suggest the father engaged in similar patterns of abuse toward four of his daughters, exploiting their innocence and his authority."

The suspect's attorney, Tali Gottlieb, said he admitted to non-invasive molestation and was asking to be directed to a therapy program, so that the family might be held together.

Police said they will also check whether the girls' mother knew of the abuse and did not report it.