Man Held for Killing His Mother, Wounding Brother

A Ra'anana man, Yovav Elgueti, was arrested Friday after his mother, a physician in the city, died of stab wounds and his brother sustained serious injuries, also from stabbing. The suspect, 26, allegedly assaulted in his mother in her home before continuing to the nearby home of his brother, 38. Elgueti's brother's wife reportedly was injured slightly when she tried to protect her husband.

At about 6 P.M. on Friday Dr. Ariana Margolis, 59, called Magen David Adom emergency services from her home on Gilboa Street, telling the operator: "He stabbed me, he stabbed me," and that she feared Elgueti, who by that time had left, was on his way to hurt her second son, who lived nearby.

A short time later the suspect called police, reportedly saying: "I killed my mother and my brother." Police picked him up near his brother's apartment. His hands were covered in blood. Paramedics dispatched to the brother's home, on Migdal Street, found him at the entrance to his home. He had numerous stab wounds throughout his body and was judged to be in moderate condition.

Elgueti was scheduled to be brought before a judge last night for an extension of his remand. Dr. Margolis was still alive when MDA paramedics responded to her call and rushed her to Kfar Sava's Meir Hospital, but her condition deteriorated rapidly and she was declared dead at the entrance to the emergency room. Her older son was admitted to the hospital's surgical ward in fair but stable condition.

Police say Elgueti had had a longstanding dispute with his mother and the brother over the suspect's failure to obtain a steady job. The suspect was discharged from the army due to psychiatric problems. Relatives say that since his discharge several years ago he lived with his parents and was not steadily employed. He occasionally had temporary positions.

Dr. Margolis reportedly arrived home shortly before 6 P.M. Friday. Police investigators believe the son, who was inside, had already decided to attack his mother and was waiting for her, knife in hand, in the living room. When she entered her bedroom, they believe, he began stabbing her, inflicting numerous wounds.

The suspect allegedly then went to his brother's home and stabbed his brother, in front of his brother's wife and their young son. His mother, meanwhile, dragged herself to the living room to phone for emergency assistance.

Dr. Margolis had worked for the past eight years at Ahuzat Bayit, an assisted living facility in Ra'anana, where she was known for her warm relations with the residents. Employees there said yesterday that she did not share her personal life with staff member. "She never exhibited signs of distress or of being disturbed," one source said. "She was very introverted, highly professional doctor and very respected," the source said, adding that about a year ago Margolis had staff members to her home to celebrate the birth of a grandchild. "No one was aware of her having any problems," the source said.

"Every murder case is shocking," Kfar Sava Police Chief Superintendent Shai Azoulay said yesterday, "but this case is simply inconceivable." An anonymous police source from the region called the incident a "murder that was well-planned [with] a suspect who was aware of his actions at every moment. When he was interrogated, he confessed and reconstructed the events without even pausing for a moment to express remorse."

Police sources yesterday said the suspect and his family were not known to police or welfare authorities.

A large number of Kfar Sava and Central District police visited the scenes following the stabbings, after which they opened an investigation. The commander of the police's Central District, Major General Nissim Mor, said a special investigative team would conduct the probe.