Man Arrested on Suspicion of Raping Elderly Woman, Others

A resident of the northern village of Ilut is suspected of raping an 82-year-old woman 15 months ago. He is also believed to be responsible in the rape and attempted rape of other women.

Muhind Abud, 22, was arrested and charged with attempted rape in April when he attacked a Border Police woman at a bus stop near Hamovil junction.

During the interrogation, suspicions emerged that he had been involved in the rape of an 82-year-old woman at a kibbutz near Sderot, where he worked in March 2009.

Police suspected that he was also involved in the rape of a young woman he had picked up in his car near the Hadera stream.

Yesterday, Abud was brought to the home of the elderly woman by police but refused to show them what is alleged to have happened.

"I do not know this house, I have never been here and I never raped anyone," Abud told police.

The elderly woman said that "I begged him to leave me, I told him I am ill and old but he continued forcefully."

Abud is suspected of dragging the woman into her house and raping her as she tried to scream for help.

"I hope this animal rots in prison," the woman said.

Shimon Nahmani, the commander of the Sderot police station, told Haaretz "the officers were in shock at the cruel and terrible act."

Due to the severity of the case and the psychological impact on the elderly woman, Nahmani decided to make the investigation a priority. The break in the case came with the attempted rape of a Border Police woman.

Abud was remanded on Friday at the Ashkelon Magistrate's Court and police say they will indict him for two cases of rape.

Police have the results of DNA tests which were checked against other rape cases.

"We have clear evidence that connects him with the horrific rape of the elderly woman," Nahmani said.

Police also plan to release Abud's photograph in the hope other victims will come forward.