Man Accused of Post Office Arson Says He Was Unhappy With Service

A 20-year old resident of Ofakim is suspected of twice setting the city's post office ablaze for what he says was an act of revenge because the postal workers "wasted his time."

Security cameras at a nearby deli caught him in the act, and even though his face was not discernible, he was identified because of a burn he suffered as a result of the arson.

The Be'er Sheva Magistrates Court remanded him in custody as a suspect in the arson until tomorrow, and police intend to bring charges against him later in the week.

About a month ago the young man came to the post office and requested some documents. Post office clerks explained that the documents were at the municipality. He says that they later gave him the wrong documents and that at the municipality they did not have the documents he wanted.

In response to what he considered to have been a waste of his time, the young man is suspected of trying to burn the post office down.

He is believed to have set the entrance to the building ablaze that night causing extensive damage.

Five days later he returned to the post office for the same documents, and police suspect when he did not receive them, he broke through a window and set another fire.

"They drove me crazy, I did not get my documents and they wasted my time, sending me all over the place in order to get the documents, so I wanted to teach them a lesson," he told police.