Mako Shark Found in Haifa Power Plant Pools

A shortfin mako shark was swept recently into the cooling pools of the Haifa power plant, where its body was discovered early yesterday morning by Israel Electric Corporation employees.

The director of the plant's marine laboratory, Anat Glazer, said the 1.3-meter-long shark had probably been injured after becoming entangled in a fishing net, from which it subsequently freed itself.

The shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) is a species considered rare in this region and is among the fastest and most dangerous of sharks. They live in the open sea and are commonly seen near the beaches of the western Mediterranean.

The body of the shark will be transfered to the Institute of Life Sciences at Hebrew University in Jerusalem for research and documentation.

In the past two years, three sea turtles were swept into the power station in critical condition. Two were released back into the sea after being nursed to health by the Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Center.