Hundreds of Palestinian Minors Are Imprisoned in Israel. This Is What Arrests Look Like

Israeli soldiers burst into a refugee camp in the dead of night and abduct a teenager. They then hold him for a full day, with no food. Nearly 300 invasions like this take place every month in the West Bank

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באסל באדוויי לצד תמונה של אחיו עומר בביתו, השבוע.
Basel Al Badawi in his home, with photo of Omar hanging on the wall, in Al Arroub refugee camp, November 2020. Credit: Alex Levac

Basel al-Badawi is 16 years old, a student in the 10th grade, the offspring of refugees and also a bereaved brother: His older brother was killed before his eyes a year ago. Omar was 22 when Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot him to death at short range and then claimed that they thought the towel he was holding – with which he was trying to put out a fire at his house – was a Molotov cocktail.