Madonna in the Park / Bored-erline

The earth shook under our feet last night. Our eyes could not believe what they were seeing: Madonna in Yarkon Park.

Kudos to the producers on their excellent organizational skills. Bravo on the amazing pace. Applause to the sound crew, the computers, the electronics, the kinetics, the pyrotechnics and the video art. Compliments to the personal trainer. And many, many thanks, of course, to Madonna herself.

But nevertheless, I was bored to death. Like a virgin, to borrow from her song, I am not the man to get excited about Madonna.

Everything went like clockwork, maybe too much so. High-tech clockwork. A perfectly oiled entertainment machine.

An antique car on the stage and right behind it a boxing ring. Black and white dancers with sculpted bodies sweating in every direction, with an outstanding chorus in the background and outstanding musicians.

Everything at a crazy pace. Broadway in the park. Hollow lyrics and shallow music. A mediocre voice. But oh, she's in good physical shape, that old lady Madonna.

Most of her audience was younger than she by a decade or two, and none of them is in such good physical shape. She skipped and hopped, danced and dove, alternating erotics and robotics. And the whole thing was over nothing. You - I should say I - was left apathetic.

The opening act was amazing. The whole thing was amazing. But still, I was somehow left apathetic.

At the end of the first song, she had already delivered the goods everyone was looking for. "Hello Israel!" she said in an American accent, the way we love to hear it from the stars. It is the ultimate proof that despite everything, despite Aftonbladet and Iran, they still love us.