Lottery Court Case Hits Sixth Year

The Gadot pension affair hit the news six years ago, and ever since Mifal Hapayis (State Lottery) has been fighting the case in court. There is still no end in sight, but the former chairman of the State Lottery continues to get his monthly pension of NIS 62,000. The pension was in addition to a one-time severance payment of NIS 875,000 Gadot received. This monthly pension Gadot is twice the monthly salary of a minister, an MK or a director general of a government ministry.

Gadot is not alone in this. The monthly pension of former State Lottery chairman, Eliezer Goren, is NIS 58,000; the pension of the secretary of the chairman, Rachel Guata, is NIS 27,000 per month. Guata retired at the age of 38, younger than the minimum retirement age in the regular ranks of the IDF - which is 40.

In July this year Avraham Katz Oz, the current chairman of the State Lottery, is due to complete his term in the job, and one of his aims is to put an end to the case.