Local Trio Takes Ramat Gan Trophy

The Ramat Gan trio of George Kaminsky, Micah Farkash and Naomi Ziv came through to win the Ramat Gan Mayor's Trophy in the annual midweek mixed trips competition.

A total of 22 teams from around the country competed in a two-section round robin competition played to the Swiss system, with the final playoff pitting Kaminsky's team against Netanya's Dolores Linde, Stanley and Laureen Harris.

Accurate and concentrated bowling by all six players kept the scores level throughout the game, with the lead alternating almost head to head, and hardly more than by a single shot.

Laureen Harris and Naomi Ziv shared the honors as respective leads, while Stan Harris did well to keep Farkash at bay. But it was Dolores Linde at skip who more than often rescued situations for her team, with precise saving shots.

With Ramat Gan ahead 11-10 at the start of the last head, Ziv drew her bowl inches from the jack. This remained the winning shot for Ramat Gan's 12-10 win.