Local Hero

When the truth comes out and Israelis discover who controlled their country for the past two and a half years, Police Commissioner David Cohen will turn out to be a local hero - along with investigators Shlomi Ayalon and Itzik Avraham, who questioned Olmert, and State Prosecutor Moshe Lador and Attorney General Menahem Mazuz, who oversaw the investigation.

They all stood up against the rotten political system and withstood media figures who were fundamentally corrupt. They all protected Israeli democracy against the attempts of the past two-and-a-half years to make it subservient to the regime of money, government and the media.

The government has not yet discussed the Iranian missile crisis properly, but it did spend a long time talking about a newspaper interview and attacking an honest public servant who dared say what every Israeli understands: that government corruption has become a strategic threat.

The entire Olmert government, aside from two ministers, is responsible for the corruption. So is Tzipi Livni, who saved her criticism for a courageous police commissioner instead of a corrupt prime minister. When the truth comes out, we will remember where everyone stood when darkness prevailed.