Livni to Netanyahu: I'll Back You on Iran Threat From Opposition

Likud chief argued that despite differences, Kadima should join his gov't to deal with Iranian issue.

Kadima leader Tzipi Livni has promised prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu her party's support on the Iranian nuclear threat if she ends up heading the opposition.

The commitment, made during talks between the two leaders Sunday, became public as Netanyahu headed for his first day of formal coalition negotiations today.

"I will use my many contacts in the United States, Europe and the Arab world, along with my experience and that of other Kadima members, to win support from the international community against Iran to the extent necessary," Livni said.

Netanyahu had argued that Kadima should join the government despite the differences between Kadima and Netanyahu's Likud because it is crucial that Israel deal with the Iranian issue. However, Livni said her party does not need to be in the coalition to support the government on the matter.

Netanyahu will continue to court Kadima and Labor in a bid to form a broad-based coalition, even as Likud negotiators meet with the right-wing parties, which he has said are Likud's natural partners.