Liverpool Coach Heaps Praise on Benayoun

"We know Yossi Benayoun is a player who has game intelligence, so sometimes he can score; but he especially can create something different, and is always a problem for defenders," said Liverpool coach Rafa Benitez to the English Premier League club's official Web site. "I am really pleased with him." Benitez also addressed Benayoun's 10 goals this season, saying, "It's good. I think it's a good number. It could be more and in a few weeks we will see, but 10 goals is a good number for a midfielder." The coach also explained that the character of the team's opponent affects whether Benayoun is in the starting lineup. "In some games when you cannot control and can't create too much because the other team is deep and compact, you need players with creativity. Yossi can do this," he said. "He can make passes and score goals."