LIVE BLOG: Egypt on Alert as Muslim Brotherhood Calls for 'Day of Rejection' Protests

Organizers call for non-violent demonstrations, but violent confrontations erupt; Egyptian health ministry record 30 deaths in clashes nationwide.

Egypt was on high alert Friday after the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi and the appointment of Adli Mansour as interim president on Thursday. A coalition of Islamist movements has called for demonstrations in support for Morsi after Friday prayers. The organizers called for non-violent demonstrations, but violent confrontations are feared as tensions are high and since at least 12 demonstrators were killed in clashes across Egypt Thursday.

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Live Blog

3:00 A.M. At least 30 people were killed throughout Friday in Egypt, with 210 wounded, Heath Ministry official Khaled el-Khatib told The Associated Press.

1:56 A.M. An Interior Ministry spokesman says the deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat el-Shater, who is considered the most powerful man in the organization, has been arrested. Spokesman Hani Abdel-Latif says el-Shater and his brother were arrested late Friday at an apartment in eastern Cairo on allegations of inciting violence against protesters in recent days.

1:56 A.M. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on Egypt's security forces to protect demonstrators and prevent violent clashes, and urging the Egyptian people to work together to restore civilian control, constitutional order and democratic governance.

The UN chief said political leaders must demonstrate their commitment by words and actions to "a peaceful and democratic dialogue which includes all of Egypt's constituencies, including women," his spokesman said.

12:20 A.M. Street fighting in central Cairo between hundreds of supporters and opponents of ousted President Morsi eased after the army deployed units in armored vehicles. Earlier, the health ministry, as reported by state television, recorded 17 deaths in violence nationwide.

July 5, 2013

11:20 P.M. Egyptian military armored vehicles have raced onto a main bridge over the Nile River in Cairo in the first major move to break up clashes. Several armored vehicles, at least one with young Morsi opponents sitting on the roof, deployed on the 6th of October Bridge, near Tahrir Square, aiming to chase away Morsi supporters. Military helicopters flew toward Tahrir. 

10:45 P.M. Health Ministry official says death toll in protests rises to 10 people killed and 210 wounded in clashes.

10:07 P.M. Khaled al-Khatib, a Health Ministry official, says four people have been killed in Cairo and two elsewhere, with 180 wounded in clashes. One witness reports gunfire and stone throwing outside Cairo TV headquarters. Clashes, some involving police, erupted in cities of southern Egypt, along the Suez Canal and in the Nile Delta as Morsi supporters marched on local government buildings.

9:34 P.M. Egypt's public prosecutor ordered the release on Friday of two leading figures in the Muslim Brotherhood who were arrested following Morsi's overthrow the state news agency MENA said. The two were Saad El-Katatni, head of the Brotherhood's political wing and former speaker of parliament, and Rashad al-Bayoumi, one of the Brotherhood's deputy leaders. Both were arrested on Thursday. They remain under investigation for inciting violence.

08:40 P.M. Haaretz's correspondent in Cairo says that the army is separating between the pro- and anti-Morsi camps in and near Tahrir Square. He cannot see any signs of violence but hears the army shooting.

08:30 P.M. Hundreds of Morsi supporters marched to the national broadcasting center on the banks of the Nile in central Cairo as night fell Friday. Witnesses said they crossed a Nile bridge close to Tahrir Square, the site of an encampment of Morsi's opponents. Troops with armored vehicles were stationed nearby. The Islamist supporters turned away from Tahrir Square after they crossed the bridge and were congregated outside the television headquarters, known as Maspero.

07:43 P.M. Badie tells rally Egyptians will not accept "military rule" for another day. Badie addressed the military, saying "your leader is Morsi" and demanded they abide by their pledge of loyalty to the president, calling it "the honor of the military." He called on Egyptians to protest, saying "we will not be deterred by threats or detentions ... or the gallows." "God make Morsi victorious and bring him back to the palace," he said. "We are his soldiers we defend him with our lives."

07:19 P.M. Badie appears on stage at Islamist rally in Cairo and tells the crowd that millions will stay in the squares until the return of President Morsi, we are working to return the rights to the Egyptian people. Also says presence at the rally represents all sectors of Egyptian society. Army helicopters hovered overhead during the rally.    

07:09 P.M. Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Badie, was attending a protest rally in Cairo, and would address it shortly, the movement's political wing said in a statement, after reports he was arrested Thursday. The rally, near a mosque in suburban Cairo, was attended by thousands of Islamist supporters. Essam El-Erian, the deputy leader of the Brotherhood's political wing, told the crowd the movement rejected Morsi's removal and would not deal with the new, military-backed authority: "We will never accept this coup against legitimacy," he said. "No honourable person will deal with this."

06:17 P.M. Mansour issued a decree dissolving the Islamist-dominated upper house of parliament, and appointed a new head of intelligence, says state TV. The interim Egyptian head of state who was appointed after the army ousted President Mohammed Morsi dissolved parliament by decree on Friday, state television said. Only the upper house, the Shura Council, had remained active after the lower house was dissolved by military-led authorities shortly before Morsi was elected a year ago. State TV also said that Adly Mansour had appointed Mohammed Ahmed Farid as head of intelligence. He replaces Mohamed Raafat Shehata, a Morsi appointee, who becomes national security adviser to Mansour. 

05:57 P.M. Egypt's armed forces chief has told Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah the situation in Egypt is "stable," the Saudi state news agency said. King Abdullah was one of the first regional leaders to congratulate the head of the Egyptian Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, on his appointment as interim head of state after the armed forces deposed Morsi on Wednesday. In the Friday phone call, armed forces commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi informed the king of the latest developments and "reassured him of the stability of the situation," SPA said. King Abdullah told Sisi the events in Egypt called for "wisdom and caution."

05:32 P.M. A Reuters journalist saw demonstrators hit by shotgun pellets at the scene in Cairo. The Reuters journalist saw troops fire in the air. He then heard shotgun fire and at least eight demonstrators hit. Tear gas rounds burst, dispersing the crowd. An hour later, hundreds of demonstrators were still nearby, some praying. Some waved posters of Morsi. One man held up hands stained red and said: "This is the blood of those who died." Soldiers were still in place behind barbed wire. Military helicopters periodically flew overhead. The Muslim Brotherhood called for more of its supporters to congregate there on its website.

5:30 P.M. Egyptian state-run newspaper Al-Ahram quoted a security source, who denyed reports that protesters have been killed by the military."The troops shot in the air, forcing the demonstrators to retreat," said the unnamed source.

5:26 P.M. Egypt's army claims that it did not fire on Morsi supporters in Cairo, used blank rounds and tear gas, spokesman says. 

4:25 P.M. At least three demonstrators were shot dead by Egyptian security forces outside the Republican Guard barracks in Cairo where deposed Islamist President Mohammed Morsi is being held, security sources said. Morsi supporters had approached the compound. 

4:18 P.M. Morsi supporters wounded by gunfire after approaching Cairo barracks where deposed Egyptian president is held, says witness.

4:17 P.M. Tens of thousands, mainly Islamists, chanted "down with military rule" in protests around the country. A crowd of Morsi supporters filled much of a broad boulevard outside a Cairo mosque, vowing to remain in place until the Islamist leader who was Egypt's first freely elected president is returned to his position.The crowd began to march on the headquarters of the Republican Guard, many chanting, "After sunset, President Morsi will be back in the palace."

3:42 P.M. Egypt's top prosecutor submitted his resignation, state news agency said, three days after being reinstated in his post. 

3:25 P.M. Egypt's liberal coalition issued an "urgent call" for supporters to take to the streets in response to demonstrations by Islamist supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi. 

3:17 P.M. Haaretz's correspondent in Cairo describes the atmosphere ahead of the planned protests: women rejoicing at Morsi's ouster and kissing soldiers' helmets, crowds applauding army jets flying over the city and people honking in support as armored personnel carriers drive by.

3:03 P.M. Egyptian army says it hasn't declared a state of emergency in the Sinai but that it was on high alert. 

2:19 P.M. The African Union (AU) suspended Egypt from all its activities after the Egyptian military overthrew President Mohamed Morsi, a senior AU official said. "As mandated by the relevant AU instruments, the African Union Peace and Security Council decides to suspend the participation of Egypt in AU activities until the restoration of constitutional order," Admore Kambudzi, Secretary of the Peace and Security Council, said after a meeting. 

2:08 P.M. Egypt's army announced a state of emergency in the provinces of South Sinai and Suez on after Islamist gunmen attacked an airport in the Sinai town of El Arish, state newspaper Al-Ahram reported. 

2:07 P.M. The Muslim Brotherhood called for a wave of protests, furious over the military's ouster of its president and arrest of its revered leader and other top figures, raising fears of violence and retaliation from Islamic militants. 

1:30 P.M.  In northern Sinai, the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip was indefinitely closed following attacks on security forces in the area.