Lindenstrauss to Hold Hearing for Galant Over Land Dealings

The recent developments have exacerbated tensions among members of the general staff.

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss will hold a hearing next week for incoming Chief of Staff Yoav Galant to determine whether the major general's questionable real estate dealings should halt the appointment process.

Galant was accused of acquiring land on his moshav inappropriately.

He is supposed to give the comptroller his version in writing, but he is being invited for a hearing, too, as is customary in such situations.

On Monday, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein told the Supreme Court he wanted to delay a hearing on a petition against Galant's appointment by 10 days, until February 1.

Weinstein explained he had received new information on the affair from the comptroller.

Weinstein also asked the comptroller to publish his report on the case earlier. However, it will be filed only after Galant's hearing takes place.

Weinstein's request is the state's first admission that it did not have full information on the affair earlier, both in its initial response to the Green Movement's petition and in a Supreme Court hearing about the land conflict several years ago.

The date requested by Weinstein, February 1, would leave the court only 13 days to make a decision before Galant assumes his post on February 14.

In response, the petitioners asked the court for an injunction against Galant's inauguration.

The recent developments have exacerbated tensions among members of the general staff, with officers not only required to maneuver between two famously antagonistic commanders - Galant and his predecessor Gabi Ashkenazi - but also being left unsure whether power will still change hands on schedule.