Rush Limbaugh: Obama Treats Netanyahu Like a White Cop From Ferguson

WATCH: Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh claimed prior to Netanyahu's speech that the president was sowing bias against the Israeli prime minister.

In a tirade against President Barack Obama on Monday, prominent conservative U.S. radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh took the president to task for his conduct in connection with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address to Congress last Tuesday.

Limbaugh said Obama was “poisoning the jury” against the prime minister, suggesting that the president was sowing opposition to the Israeli prime minister. “[For] this administration’s foreign policy apparatus, Israel is the problem, just like in the rest of the world, the United States is,” Limbaugh told his listeners.

The comments came a day before Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress on the Iranian nuclear program in which the prime minister was critical of the Obama administration’s approach to talks with Iran. Obama declined to meet with Netanyahu during the Israeli leader’s Washington stay, saying that it was inappropriate to do so two weeks before Israel’s March 17 election. Some of Obama’s fellow Democrats either boycotted Netanyahu’s address or were critical of it after it was delivered.

But for his part, Limbaugh, whose show is aired on the Premiere Radio Networks in the United States, likened Obama’s approach to what the talk show host claimed was the Obama administration’s effort to sway the grand jury in the high-profile case of the killing of Michael Brown, who was black, by a white Ferguson, Missouri policeman, Darren Wilson. Limbaugh also made reference to other racially-charged cases involving alleged misconduct by American law enforcement officials.

“You look at how Obama has treated and does treat Netanyahu, you would think that Netanyahu was a white policeman from Ferguson, Missouri.” Limbaugh said.