Likudniks Mull Budget Revolt to Pressure PM

'We plan to face off against the prime minister and the ministers, against the freeze,' says MK Danny Danon.

Five Likud MKs who oppose a renewed moratorium on settlement construction plan to meet today to discuss voting against the state budget. The possible move would be aimed at pressuring the cabinet to reject the three-month freeze proposed by Washington.

Likud MK Danny Danon
Emil Salman

"We plan to face off against the prime minister and the ministers, against the freeze," said MK Danny Danon.

Danon, along with coalition chairman Zeev Elkin and MKs Yuli Edelstein, Tzipi Hotovely and Yariv Levin, will also discuss what other possible steps might be taken.

"There is a [wide range of options] between toppling the government and not doing anything," one of the five MKs said yesterday. "We are looking for the best way to take action."

Although not all of Likud's moratorium opponents are convinced their protest will keep the freeze at bay, they hope to get the ministers in their party to vote against it.

"The Likud ministers supported the last freeze and have since said that was a mistake," one of the MKs said. "Right now, we will work to keep Likud from supporting the move, even if [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu does ultimately succeed in passing it."

Danon led an emergency meeting of Likud Central Committee members yesterday at the West Bank settlement of Barkan, where participants decided they would begin to put pressure on Likud ministers to convince them not to support the building moratorium.