Likud to Target Livni With Negative Ads

Campaign aims to crack Kadima leader's squeaky clean image, paint her as an inept politician.

Likud is preparing to launch a negative campaign against Kadima leader Tzipi Livni to try to crack her squeaky-clean image and paint her as an inept politician. Among other things, the anti-Livni campaign will feature excerpts from her interview on Army Radio earlier this week which was interrupted by a Shin Bet intrusion alert on the home phone line she was using.

Livni continued the interview while a man's voice repeatedly summoned police to her house in Tel Aviv.

Likud's campaign will say that Livni cannot even understand what is going on in her own house and question her ability to run the country.

Likud's strategic team deliberated whether to attack Livni on a personal basis or stick to a theme. But after Kadima aired its campaign slogan "Bibi, I don't believe him," about Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, they decided to go for Livni personally.

"Livni is a new product, so the greater her exposure the easier it will be to hurt her. As for Bibi, everything has already been said about him so he's more immune," a Likud source said.

Netanyahu also intends to continue the delegitimization drive against far right activist Moshe Feiglin, ahead of the party's primary elections on Monday.