Likud's Russian Campaign Pitch Features Hitler

A comparison of Hamas with Adolf Hitler is a recurring motif in the recent Likud campaign pitch to the Russian sector. In a Russian-language Likud campaign publicity newspaper "Just Facts" published today for the first time, Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu compared the rise of Hamas to power in democratic elections to the rise of Hitler. Natan Sharansky made the same comparison yesterday on the Russian cable channel RTVI. The Likud's campaign strategist for new immigrants, Sasha Klein, told Haaretz yesterday that this was a coincidence and not a public relations line.

Elsewhere in the paper is a harsh attack on Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert under the slogan "cruel to the Jews, weak on the Arabs."

As part of an intensive campaign launched yesterday, Likud representatives are being sent to areas with high concentrations of Russians to conduct parlor meetings and distribute election material.

As opposed to the frontal attack on Olmert, the Likud has developed an entirely different tactic regarding its other rival for the Russian vote, Avigdor Lieberman. Given Lieberman's popularity among the Russian-speaking public, election advisors have decided not to attack him personally, but rather to emphasize that since Lieberman is not a candidate for prime minister, voters who want a strong Lieberman should vote for Netanyahu, who will cooperate with him in the future. According to recent polls, 40 percent of Russians are still undecided as to how they will vote.