Israel Election Updates / Likud Primary Results Are In: Erdan, Edelstein Get Top Spots

MK Moshe Feiglin won't make the Knesset on Likud's list this time around.

Emil Salman

Wednesday's political summary: Wednesday was a busy day for Israel's election season, as the Likud party primary election was held. The party's 96,651 registered voters cast three ballots on Wednesday: one for party leader, one for the party's Knesset slate, and one for giving Netanyahu the option of reserving two slots on the list for candidates of his choosing, subject to the approval of party secretary.

Also on Wednesday, Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog and Hatnuah leader Tzipi Livni held a press conference to introduce Professor Manuel Trajtenberg as a member of the Labor list in the March elections.Trajtenberg earlier resigned as chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education in Israel.

Latest updates:

11:05 P.M. Moderate 'New Likudnik' candidates well represented on Likud slate

A number of candidates affiliated with the 'New Likudniks' group, which is determined to advance more moderate politicians with the party, succeeded in landing realistic spots on Likud’s electoral slate. Yoav Kish is the most prominent among them, elected to the nineteenth slot. The New Likudniks group published a recommended list of Likud candidates ahead of the primary elections, which included: Gilad Erdan (elected to #2 on the list), Yuli Edelstein (3), Yisrael Katz (4), Moshe Ya’alon(7), Yuval Steinitz (12), Gila Gamliel (13), Avi Dichter (20). (Jonathan Lis)

7:36 P.M. Likud results are in:

With all of the ballots counted, the results of the Liked primary indicate that the top of the Likud's Knesset list will look as follows:

1. Benjamin Netanyahu
2. Gilad Erdan
3. Yuli Edelstein
4. Yisrael Katz
5. Miri Regev
6. Silvan Shalom
7. Moshe Ya'alon
8. Ze'ev Elkin
9. Tzachi Hanegbi
10. Danny Danon
11. Slot reserved for candidate of Netanyahu's choosing
12. Yuval Steinitz
13. Gila Gamliel
14. Yariv Levin
15. Ophir Akunis
16. David Bitan (slot reserved for candidate from the Shfela region)
17. Haim Katz
18. Jackie Levy (slot reserved for candidate from the Galilee region)
19. Yoav Kish (slot reserved for candidate from the greater Tel Aviv area)
20. Avi Dichter
21. Dudu Amsalem (slot reserved for candidate from Jerusalem area)
22. Miki Zohar (slot reserved for candidate from Negev region)
23. Slot reserved for candidate of Netanyahu's choosing
24. Ayoob Kara
25. Nava Boker
26. Tzipi Hotovely
27. Nagosa Avraham (slot reserved for an immigrant)

11:30 A.M. Yishai congratulates Netanyahu on primary win

MK Eli Yishai, Shas breakaway and leader of the newly formed Ha'am Itanu party congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on winning the Likud primary election. "There's no doubt that he's the right man to lead Israel," said Yishai.

10:50 A.M. Likud primary results are trickling in

Although only around 30 percent of the ballots have been tallied, Likud's prospective Knesset slate is beginning to take shape. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won the race for party leader by default when MK Danny Danon withdrew from the race before midnight Wednesday, but preliminary results indicate that Netanyahu received over 85 percent of the vote.

Here is the current makeup of the Likud's Knesset list, based on the latest results:

1. Benjamin Netanyahu
2. Yuli Edelstein
3. Gilad Erdan
4. Yisrael Katz
5. Miri Regev
6. Silvan Shalom
7. Moshe Ya'alon
8. Yariv Levin
9. Tzachi Hanegbi
10. Ze'ev Elkin
11. Slot reserved for candidate of Netanyahu's choosing
12. Gila Gamliel
13. Yuval Steinitz
14. Danny Danon
15.Tzipi Hotovely
16. Reserved for candidate from the Shfela region
17.Ophir Akunis
18. Reserved for candidate from the Galilee region
19. Reserved for candidate from the Tel Aviv area