Likud Election Video Compares Workers to Hamas Terrorists

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A screenshot from the Likud video.

Likud election headquarters last night took down an election video it had broadcast online which compared Israeli workers in the ports and Broadcasting Authority to a Hamas terrorist.

The video shows a "Victims of Bibi" support group, in which parasitical workers complain about reforms enacted by the Netanyahu government.

A Broadcasting Authority clerk complains that she can longer take money for nothing from the gullible public due to the cancellation of the TV levy. A cellular executive complains that communications reform had stopped him from overcharging customers and a tea distributor in the ports complains that he can no longer earn a massive salary for doing virtually nothing.

Then, a Hamas terrorist complains that Netanyahu put him out of business as well.

"The video, which illustrates the government's achievements, was made with humor for the Purim holiday," the Likud said in response.

"There was no intention to compare anyone with Hamas and certainly not to insult many dedicated workers. The video will longer be shown and we apologize if it hurt anyone."

"A video that compares workers to murderous terrorists has crossed a red line," Histadrut Chairman Avi Nissenkorn said last night. "It's a disgraceful statement that has no place in Israel.The Likud and its leaders should apologize to all the citizens of Israel." 

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