Wanna Buy the Western Wall Over Hanukkah? Hasbro Launches Jerusalem Monopoly

Israeli firm teams up with Hasbro to come up with a holier than ever version of the decades-old game board favorite.

Israel's KodKod teams up with Hasbro toys to produce a new Monopoly game. December 2016
Courtesy of Harel Mordy Communications

Move over Park Place, Boardwalk and Marvin Gardens.  The newest edition of Monopoly puts the Western Wall, Mahane Yehuda Market and Israel Museum on the game board. 

The world’s largest toymaker, Hasbro, has teamed up with Israel’s KodKod to market the latest version of the decades old, rainy day favorite, an Israeli-themed game called Jerusalem Monopoly.  

The board features 28 tourist destinations, and appears in both English and Hebrew, a press release from a public relations firm representing the company says, some two weeks ahead of the Jewish holiday of Hannukah.

Jerusalem Monopoly is the first version of the 81-year-old game developed in Israel, and is soon expected to be marketed not only in Israel but in many other countries as well.