Police Demand Footage of Israel's 'Big Brother' After Contestant Calls Cops 'Nazis'

The show's production company refused to comply with the warrant and said it would appeal the warrant on Sunday.

Itay Stern
Itay Stern
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Andel Kabada
Andel KabadaCredit: Channel 2 screen grab
Itay Stern
Itay Stern

Police officers arrived at the set of the Israeli version of "Big Brother" Friday morning and presented the show producers with warrant to hand over all footage in which the contestant Andel Kabada is present. The production company refused to comply and said it would appeal the warrant on Sunday. The police said that the warrant was issued following a complaint that was filed against Kabada, but refused to say what the complaint was concerning or who filed it.

Several weeks ago members of the organization of wives of police officers and prison guards demanded that he be thrown off the show because he called police officers "Nazis." The Production company and Channel 2 refused.

Kabada once again got in trouble this week, after views said that a sexually charged statement he made toward another contestant Maayan Ashkenazi, constituted sexual harassment. Ashkenazi's father said that the production company told him they warned Kabada not to repeat this behavior.

Throughout the show's season, Kabada has been harshly criticizing the police for its alleged mistreatment of Ethiopian-Israelis. Kabada, who is Ethiopian-Israeli, talked about his experiences being beaten by officers for no reason. He claimed that in most cases where Ethiopian-Israelis are charged with assaulting a police officer it is really they who are the victims of assault.

The production company declined to comment.