Jon Stewart Skewers Chris Christie for Apologizing to Adelson Over 'O-word'

TV satirist also not too impressed by the New Jersey governor exonerating self in 'Bridgegate.'

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Chris Christie - the New Jersey governor famously unafraid to give free rein to his mouth, however abrasively anathematic his opinions may be to his fellow Republicans – has cringed before the sensibilities of GOP mega-backer Sheldon Adelson, disappointing Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Stewart on Tuesday crucified Christie for apologizing to Adelson, fervid funder of GOP powers and wanna-bes, staunch backer of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist. What did Christie say sorry for? Using the O-word.

Describing his four-day trip to Israel in 2012 to Republicans clustering in Vegas to woo the wallet, Christie mentioned flying over the "occupied territories." The Republicans within earshot gasped. Shortly afterward, Christie apologized in a private meeting with Adelson, who was in the process of vetting 2016 presidential hopefuls in Las Vegas, choosing which of them to finance and which to throw to the dogs.

Stewart asks the senior Zionist billionaire correspondent, Samantha Bee, exactly why the casino baron should get “veto power over every word Republicans say" about Israel and then kayos Christie where it hurts: "How can anyone claim to be a leader if they’re bending over backwards to please an 80-year-old gambling mogul?"

Actually Christie was discussing the risks Israel faces, not its occupational hazards. But it's enough to use That Phrase. And maybe Christie's contrition will work wonders, appropriately enough in the context of the Holy Land.

The day before Stewart had gibed at Christie for getting his "mojo back" following a report written by his own people about his own people, thusly exonerating himself in the "Bridgegate" scandal. "I visited an oracle who killed a goat, read the entrails, and saw in a vision that my hand-picked legal team would write a report exonerating me of all wrongdoing," the satirist merrily riffed. But they say all publicity is good publicity.

A screengrab of The Daily Show episode on Chris Christie.Credit: Screenshot

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