Israel Gets Its Own Great 'Bake Off'

Will all produced pastries be kosher? If not we may find the beaters whipping up a political crisis, too.

Some of the elaborate cakes expected to appear on the show
Facebook page

Israel's Channel 2 television will soon air a knockoff of BBC's award-winning television series "The Great British Bake Off," pitting amateur pastry makers in competition for the title of best baker in the holy land.

Couples will compete each week in the series being televised in April over who makes the best intricate confection with the grand prize going to the one that succeeds in concocting the impossible. Under the rules, only amateurs may compete.

On the surface there's a lot of suspense in store, not only the curious issue of who will win the crown. 

Will any of the cakes be vegan? Not from the looks of the promotion photographs, but perhaps we're in for a surprise. Will all produced pastries be kosher? If not we may find the beaters whipping up a political crisis, too, as an added attraction for the news junkies among us.

The judges are Carine Goren, an Israeli baking guru, chocolatier Oded Brenner and chef and restaurateur Ran Shmueli.

The set for the competition was inside a tent specially pitched for the program inside Tel Aviv's Ganei Yehoshua Park along the banks of the Yarkon River.

In a post on its Facebook page the show is looking to the greater public for help in putting together colorful promotional photographs. If you've lately baked a cake in the shape of a number, an image of it may appear on your television screen if you click here and to submit it as an entry.