Explore the World of Game of Thrones With This Interactive Map

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Game of Thrones.Credit: Yes/HBO

Game of Thrones' return to the television screen has brought with it the usual flurry of discussions, spoiler alerts and wide-ranging homages. The latest is a new site to help you find your way around the Seven Kingdoms and beyond.

Quarternaester.info is an interactive map that allows you to track the story of all of the show's characters throughout the four seasons, as well as examine each of the houses' information and territory.

The individual character path lets you to follow their story when they branch out to other realms - or bid an abrupt and often brutal farewell. Those wary of spoilers should be careful not to click on the protagonists' names, as they will lead to in-depth background, personal history and sometimes brutal death in the Song of Ice and Fire wiki page.