ABC to Produce Remake of Israeli TV Drama Series 'Until the Wedding'

Israeli-American producer Alon Aranya will produce the adaptation alongside Sarah Timberman, who also produced 'Masters of Sex' for Showtime

Itay Stern
Itay Stern
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Israeli cast of 'Until the Wedding'
Israeli cast of 'Until the Wedding'Credit: Reshet Network's YouTube account
Itay Stern
Itay Stern

ABC Network will produce a pilot for an American audience of the Israeli television drama series "Until the Wedding," originally broadcast in Israel in 2008.

Israeli-American producer Alon Aranya will produce the adaptation alongside Sarah Timberman, who also produced "Masters of Sex" for Showtime. The pilot will be written by screenwriter Becky Mode, who wrote the Emmy Award winning show "Smash."

Casting for the show is scheduled to take place in coming months.

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The Israeli version, created by Avner Bernheimer and Anat Weizman, dealt with relationships and family.

Bernheimer told Haaretz that he decided to look for American producers after watching the highly successful show "Life Itself." Bernheimer said about that show that "it's about family, no zombies, handmaids or murder cases. It made me realize that American television is back in the market for more intimate stories, so I turned to Alon [Aranya] who offered the show to ABC and they were immediately interested."

"The deal was closed quickly," Bernheimer said. "They said it's exactly the kind of material they're looking for."

According to Bernheimer, the American version will not be identical to the Israeli one. Bernheimer and Weizman will not be in charge of the script, but they will send in their comments and will be involved at some level.

"They took the DNA of an Israeli show, about a marriage proposal that rocks the life of a couple and their family," Bernheimer said, "but, for example, the gay couple who appeared on our show were only just getting to know each other, while in the American version they'll already be married with a child."

"They did maintain the series' premise, one that presents the evolution of love with all its different types. From a relationship that falls apart to a strong one that manages to deal with challenges," Bernheimer continued.

In September, Netflix premiered the American adaptation of the Israeli show "The Good Cop." The American version stars Tony Danza and tells the story of the relationship between a retired police officer and his son.