Sit Tight: Clothes Inspired by Chairs

The debut collection of the Sofia Jon label is small and precise, marking designer Orli Rosen as one to watch.

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The debut collection of the Sofia Jon label, designed by Orli Rosen – who has worked for British labels and until recently designed for the Israeli label Lilamist – offers a chance to get to know this lively designer. Her small collection of just 10 items was inspired by chairs – in both the literal and metaphorical sense: from nearly abstract chair prints, to chair leg-style cuts, integrated into outfits that are simultaneously a bit sporty and also tailored.

There’s something amusing and original in the way Rosen relates to her inspiration: a black miniskirt with a slit in the form of a white chair leg; distinctive prints of chair parts adorning boxy T-shirts; a pop-art homage on a dress with the word “Damage”; sleeveless crop tops that work and are cut to create a 3-D sensation.

Rosen’s inventiveness really sets her collection apart. There’s a neoprene skirt designed to recall vintage athletic wear; a selection of colorful, tribally inspired ethnic-style items, such as shorts with triangular flaps that attach to the waist; or a T-shirt with patches of different 
fabrics sewn on that creates a striking combination of geometric textures.

This is a small and precise collection – maybe too precise – but it marks Rosen as a voice to be noted, especially if she expands her collection, and perhaps also moves a little further away from the (at times overly) literal interpretation of the inspirations she works with.

Sofia Jon, 14 Nitzana Street, Noga Complex, 
Tel Aviv. Tel: 052-558-8787; Price Range: Shirts: 380-520 shekels. Dresses: 480-840 shekels; Skirts: 415-450 shekels; Pants: 450 shekels

Sofia Jon.Credit: Gilad Bar-Shalev
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Sofia Jon.Credit: Gilad Bar-Shalev
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Sofia Jon.Credit: Gilad Bar-Shalev
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Sofia Jon.Credit: Gilad Bar-Shalev
Sofia Jon. Photo by Gilad Bar-Shalev