Rise & Shine: A Personal Development Journal Toward Awakening Self-discovery and Inspired Living

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I love people and have always believed in them and their abilities to create their own life experiences. I am passionate about living inspired. I have chosen to dedicate my life to kindness, positivity and helping people bring out their best.

The idea of creating a working guide was born from my experience as a personal development coach and the prevalent notion that many people today are fast asleep, leading a zombie-like existence, completely or somewhat out of love with themselves and their lives.

This indifference and resulting lack of passion can present serious repercussions in the home, with interpersonal relationships, in business and at play and is the primary cause of our staying stuck in harmful habits, negative mindsets and an autopilot routine where living is monotonous, dull, uninspiring and almost always without direction.

Just getting by doesn’t wake us up to who we truly are and what we can achieve.

Just getting by doesn’t excite us or make us want to do more and be more.

Just getting by doesn’t enable us to soar, flourish or make our mark in this world and touch the lives of those we love and serve.

Yes: Believe it or not, when we think about our purpose, we all want to thrive, be of value to others and live a meaningful life.

Sadly, most of us don’t get what we want, not because we can’t, but because we don’t know what it is that we want and we are asleep to the many gifts we possess and the wonderful opportunities around them. This apathy is exhausting.

Sadly, we don’t get what we want, because we can’t make our dreams come true if we’re fast asleep.

For us to live our best lives,we owe it to ourselves andthe world around us to rise and shine.

This little self-coaching kit invites you into a positive, value- focused way of thinking, problem-solving, and daily living, so that you live each day wide awake, with interest and optimism.

We are living in an era when we are most fortunate. There are many books and tools about personal development, self- management and transformational leadership fully accessible to the public. Self-mastery has become a primary theme in every walk of life and wellness is now a top priority for business leaders, countries, schools and homes.

This manual is not just another self-help reference reader but rather a working journal, suitable for everyone, that serves as a self-coaching mate, offering tools to boost self-confidence and enable a strength-based approach to challenges while directing you through a process that is profoundly inward, and comprehensive.

Now is your time!

When you wake up, get real and passionate about who you are, what matters most to you and what you have to offer the world, you can take greater risks, feel stronger and more capable, and are ready to fully engage your life and those around you.

Just imagine what you could do with all this energy and what your life could potentially look like a year from now if you woke up in every sense, in every area of your life!

Most of our lives we spend waiting. We wait for someone, or something, or some opportunity to wake us up and bring us the things we want and the changes we dream about. We are, so much of the time, passive and truly fast asleep, our eyes shut tight. We react to what comes our way. We put out fires. We wait for facts to change.

Well, now is the time to stop waiting and start doing. Nothing works unless we do.

So welcome to a most wonderful process of self-discovery! Consider this manual your personal alarm clock. It’s time to rise and shine.

Getting to know - and like - you is one of life’s most profound and beautiful journeys.

This adventure toward self-discovery enables many reflections, inquiries and glimpses into the most magnificent inner sceneries of your mind and heart. It is also a trip that encourages you to be kinder to yourself on many levels. You become your greatest travel companion. My promise to you is that if you work through this booklet in your own time, with sincerity, and open-mindedness, you can elevate your personal and professional living, massively.

Not only will you rise, but the wayyou think about yourself, your life and everything in it will shine and inspire those around you to do the same. A good example has twice the value of good advice.

Before you even begin this process, it is essential you go over and internalize the following principles. They are very important wake-up calls, which should be kept in mind while you work through this book. I strongly recommend having these visible. Put them up on your notice board at work, your kitchen fridge, your diary covers; any place you will see regularly:

Everyone sees success differently. It’s up to me to define what success means for me and stick to my plan. No one can do this for me. It’s up to me. I decide what my personal best is.

Progress is far more important than perfection. If I’m closer today than I was yesterday to my dream, that’s what counts! Progress is still progress, no matter how small. I am not only looking at the end result. Each step is a victory. Each win is absolute.

Sometimes life is unfair. I can only change what I can change. The rest is about acceptance. My energies must be directed to what’s in my control and to what I can do something about. Not everything goes smoothly all the time. Despite the challenges, I will make the best out of each situation I find myself in, take the lessons and keep moving forward.

Don’t give up, be persistent. There will be plenty of people who might try to get in the way of my achieving my goals. Despite that, I am choosing to follow my heart and not let the noise of others’ opinions quiet my passions or dissuade me from doing what I truly want to do.

Enough excuses. It’s time to get moving! Action is the answer. Now is right on-time. I can either have an excuse or an action item; I can’t have both. Where there is a will, there surely is a way. I commit to getting things done and not settling with intentions alone.

Kindness to all is the key. Whatever I do, always be kind; to others and to myself. Loving kindness is a powerful force that lifts spirits, inspires change and is the force that can ultimately shift the world. This manual is all about discovery, choice and results. It is about achieving lasting, meaningful change through vision, values, goals, and improved daily performance. The tools that you will learn along the way are not only helpful to professionals or those with a clear “problem” that they would like solved. Rather, they are universally applicable and should become a way of life and communication in the home, workplace, school and playing field. It is also my experience that happy people tend to possess a stronger sense of personal agency, and they strive to set more challenging goals, which in turn, gets them more of what they want in life. The booklet has been created to help empower you to become more aware of your remarkable gifts and strengths, while encouraging you to clarify answers to life’s many challenging questions. It allows for possibilities, shifts in thinking and an emphasis on one of our greatest superpowers as human beings: the gift to choose and the tremendous power those choices have in our ultimate happiness.

“Rise & Shine” is for you if in some area of your life you want things to be different:

If you are looking for change

If you want to feel better about yourself

If you want to create healthier boundaries

If you want to make smarter choices

If you want clarity of purpose

If you want to attain certain goals

If you want to be more effective and efficient

If you want greater balance, fulfillment and a better quality of life. If you want your dreams to come true, you have to wake up!

This is your space to be truthful, to really listen mindfully to your deepest desires and intuitions. Most of what we tell ourselves and others throughout our lives is merely because we seek validation. We just want to know “it’s OK”. It is what it is. Accepting who we are, becoming all that we are capable of becoming, is the most wonderful way to live our life’s mission. Here is a self-coaching kit where you can feel comfortable enough to share your innermost truths with yourself. Whatever they may be.

Remember, we cannot change anything if we refuse to acknowledge it. Only once we are open and willing to be sincere and real about who we are and what’s not OK right now, can we take the courageous steps to do things differently. If we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to have what we’ve always had. If we want different, we need to do something differently.

The basic beliefs we hold about ourselves, others and the world are the sources of our limits and our potential. Our beliefs determine our perceived reality, resulting in the quality of our life experience. Who you believe you are, is who you are. You can think yourself anything. Here is a platform to change your mind! We each possess the evolutionary skill to respond to life and therefore, we each posses the fascinating freedom of altering our thinking patterns. What a blessing.

What you believe defines who you are.

If you begin to see yourself as valuable, from this moment onwards, you need to treat yourself accordingly. Please sign your personal commitment oath.

Personal Commitment Oath:

As I read and work through this manual,

I commit to being truthful with myself.

I commit to being kinder with myself.

I commit to working slowly and carefully with both thought and heart.

I commit to completing one action item at a time.

I commit to saying YES to the right things in my life and setting new positive intentions.

I commit to creating my best life one small step at a time. I commit to rising and shining one day at a time.

Signed: _______________      Date: __________________

Some of the beliefs you can change throughout this journey of self-discovery:
I can’t – I can

I am helpless – I am powerful

I am not good enough – I’m really OK, I’m more than OK

I am a victim – I am free to choose my responses and lead my life

I don’t deserve it – I give myself permission to be

We are not perfect, we are human. Now is the time to remind ourselves that we are not striving for perfection. We are human beings and therefore we certainly make mistakes – many of them – and that’s OK. We are however, most definitely striving for progress. If we can establish effective ways to set and track our steps, our small wins and steady achievements, we will move in a way that is consistent with who we are and we will always be able to do the best we can with what we have. It’s not about being perfect. It’s not always about the end-result, even though we must always start with the end in mind. It’s about the pursuit. It’s about the journey. It’s about who we become through the process of transformation and self-actualization, making the most of our talents, potential and gifts along the way, which if unused, will inevitably turn to pain or regret.

Good morning! Consider this your alarm clock ringing. Up you get. Let’s begin

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