Meet Nissim Black, the Gangsta Rapper Who Found God and Is Now ultra-Orthodox

Nissim - formerly Damian Black - now lives in Israel as an ultra-Orthodox and raps about his relationship with God. Watch the full interview

Meet Nissim Black: gangsta rapper who converted to Judaism

Nissim Black is a former gangsta rapper from Seattle, Washington, who converted to Judaism.

“I grew up exposed to a lot of violence, a lot of drug abuse and gangs, [I’d] rap about money, and girls and violence”, he tells Haaretz, in a video interview from his apartment in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea She'arim, where he lives with his wife and four children. Today, he raps about his relationship with God.

Nissim, which translates into “miracles” in Hebrew, is the Jewish name the rapper picked for himself. His birth name is Damian Black and his former stage name, which he used during his career as a gangsta rapper, was D. Black. Watch the full interview with Nissim to hear about his remarkable journey.

Nissim Black: the gangsta rapper who became an Ultra orthodox