Housecat Traps Family in Bedroom, Police Called In

Portland family reports that 22-pound Lux scratched the baby, was kicked - and went postal. So they called the police.

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A 22-pound "house cat" held a Portland, OR, family hostage on Sunday night (March 9) after its owners say it attacked their seven-month old son.

The family says their Himalayan cat named Lux has a history of violent behavior and they didn't know how to stop him after he went "crazy", so they called 911 for help.

"I have kind of a particular emergency here. My cat attacked our seven-month old child and I kicked the butt of the cat in the rear and it has gone off over the edge and we are not safe around the cat. It's a very large Himalayan. And we're trapped in our bedroom, he won't let us out of our door," cat owner Lee Palmer said when he called the police.

The first thing the 911 operator did was confirm the baby didn't not need any medical attention. They then dispatched police to contain the animal.

"He started hissing and just rarrrr... like um.. yowls, not like a meow, but yowls, he was really like crazy," said cat owner Teresa Barker.

The family was too afraid to leave the bedroom until police were able to snare Lux and put him in a crate.

Barker says that they may have to get rid of the cat now that they have a baby around.

Feline goes feral: Lux, kicked by his owner for scratching the baby, went postal.Credit: Courtesy

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