Jellyfish Season Arrives in Israel

Hundreds spotted in the waters across from Ashkelon, in southern Israel, and are expected to increase in number as summer progresses.

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The more the merrier: Jellyfish along Nitzanim beach.Credit: Gil Cohen-Magen

Hundreds of jellyfish were spotted in the Mediterranean across the beaches of the Israeli city of Ashkelon on Monday, an unwelcome but routine part of the Israeli summer. Some beachgoers have already complained of being stung while swimming. 

Jellyfish have also been seen in Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Herzliya, although still in very small numbers. They are expected to move north in the coming days and weeks. The number of jellyfish is expected to increase throughout the summer.

Just two months ago, the first ever sighting  of a new species of jellyfish in the eastern Mediterranean was identified off the coast of Nahariya, a city in northern Israel, and more were seen by the southern port city of Ashdod.

Unlike the jellyfish that plague Israel's beaches all summer, this species, called the "warty comb," is harmless.