Dust Storm Continues, With Relief in Sight Only After Weekend

Medical rescue teams treat more than 850 people for ailments caused by dust and heat.


The dust storm engulfing the country will continue on Friday, though with less intensity as the dust continues to dissipate. On Saturday winds will disperse the dust more significantly, although the heat wave will continue through the weekend.

Relief will come only on Sunday and Monday when the temperatures are expected to drop, returning to normal for September.


Friday will be slightly cooler but still hotter than usual, and hazy and muggy along the coastal plain, according to Meteo Tech’s weather forecast. The heavy haze will gradually dissipate during the day.

On Saturday the dust will continue to dissipate. From the afternoon onwards local rain may fall in the Arava and Eilat. Sunday will be partly cloudy to clear.

The dust and heat led to a significant rise in the number of people requiring medical treatment, mainly for shortness of breath, asthma attacks and lung ailments. Magen David Adom rescue teams treated more than 853 people over the last few days.