A Jew and an Arab Confront Israeli Prejudice in ‘I’m Not Racist’ Reimagining

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A new video tackles divisions between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel, in a twist on rapper Joyner Lucas’s song “I’m Not Racist.”

The video features Uriya Rosenman, who is Jewish, and rapper Sameh “Saz” Zakout, and shows them sitting across from each other and hurling commonly heard accusations and insults about the other’s community. It was made as part of a project known as “Let’s Talk Straight,” which promotes dialogue between Jews and Arabs in Israel. 

From Uriya Rosenman's Facebook page

In the video, Rosenman represents a Jewish Israeli repeating prejudiced notions about Israeli Arabs, such as telling Zakout “all you care about is Allah” and “blame everyone else instead of looking in the mirror,” before rapping: “I’m not racist, my gardener is Arab.” 

Zakout’s section of the video follows the same pattern, with him rapping that “all you care about is money and power and occupation and ruling as the ‘chosen people’” but that “I’m not racist, I’m just mad.”

The video concludes with text stating: “We’re fed up with racism, fear and hate” and asking what the world the next generation grows up in will look like.

Joyner Lucas - 'I'm Not Racist'

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