Lieberman Received Payouts From Family Company While MK

Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman allegedly received hundreds of thousands of shekels when he was an MK and a minister from the company established by his daughter, according to an investigation by Haaretz Magazine to be released tomorrow.

According to the investigation, Lieberman allegedly received the money as severance pay, after working for the company for only two years.

"I never engaged in private work concurrent with serving as an MK," Lieberman said.

Haaretz Magazine also reports that the company his daughter Michal Lieberman established in 2004, M.L.1, continued to receive money from abroad in 2008, and is still in operation.

The company has received at least NIS 12 million from abroad in the four and a half years since its founding.

More than NIS 3 million was allegedly received in 2007 and more than NIS 1 million in 2008. These funds were classified as payment for "business consulting."

Lieberman has allegedly received about NIS 3 million from the company since its establishment.

A police investigation is trying to find out who gave the money and why, and reportedly suspects Lieberman and others of money laundering, fraudulent receiving and breach of trust.

Now it has been revealed that not only did Lieberman allegedly receive more than NIS 2.1 million in salary from the company for his two years of employment, until his return to the Knesset in March 2006, but that he allegedly received severance pay amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels in 2006 and 2007, when he was an MK and minister of strategic affairs and deputy prime minister.

"After I was elected to the Knesset, a retirement agreement was signed between me and the company, by which payment was transferred to me spread over five or six installments," Lieberman said. "All the money I received, and the retirement agreement itself, was reported under the law to the state comptroller."

Lieberman was not able to furnish copies of the documents for Haaretz to see.

"I am not in possession of copies of the agreements I had with M.L.1, and you are invited to approach the company directly," he said. "In the light of the investigation, I am not talking to company personnel about matters such as your question."