Lieberman: PM Must Stay on Right' Track

At a press conference yesterday, National Union leaders attacked Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for "prefering a unity government with Labor over a stable government of the right-wing camp."

National Union chairman Avigdor Lieberman has said in recent weeks that Sharon will have a hard time getting his own party to agree to a unity government with Labor in light of the Likud's decline in the polls relative to initial projections.

Lieberman does not completely reject the possibility of participating in a unity government with Labor, but insists that the government's policy guidelines be formulated first with the nationalist camp.

According to Lieberman, Sharon would be acting in violation of the Likud constitution if he supported the establishment of a Palestinian state - a move Lieberman said is opposed by the Likud rank and file. "I speak to Likud Central Committee members," said Lieberman. "They want a right-wing government."

Benny Elon, the leader of the Moledet faction in National Union, spoke at the press conference about recent attacks by Likud officials against the National Union party. Elon said he could not recall a situation in which the leader of the right wing attacks his own camp.

Elon added that he would "volunteer" to fund the campaign of the Labor Party if Amram Mitzna intends to follow through on his promise not to participate in a unity government under Sharon.