Lieberman: Iran Provides Oxygen to Gaza Terror Groups

Foreign Minister Speaks at ceremony marking 20 years since bombing of Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, which left 29 people dead.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday the future of terror groups in Gaza would be in doubt without Iranian support.

Speaking at a ceremony marking 20 years since the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, which left 29 people dead, Lieberman said Iran provides "oxygen" to Hamas and other terror organizations by providing them with funds and weapons.

lieberman - Emil Salman - June 17 2011
Emil Salman

"It is now known to all that Iran stood behind the 1992 attacks through Hezbollah," Lieberman said, adding that it is "tragic" that some of those behind the attack are free to plan attacks against Israeli targets worldwide.

Lieberman also said Israel will not allow Palestinians to move freely between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as long as Hamas remains at the helm.

"As long as Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, there is no chance that we will agree to a passageway between the two territories," he said. "The Palestinians have destined themselves to a separation that will last for generations."

The foreign minister also said Israel will begin building a new embassy in Buenos Aires this year.The building will "immortalize the memory of the victims of the attack" and serve as a sign that terror "will not make us budge or scare us."