Letters to the Editor

For Christ's sake, Mr. Handelzalts

In response to "On wisdom teeth and imperfect design" ("Pen Ultimate," Michael Handelzalts, February 1 ). I enjoyed, as always, Michael Handelzalts' "Pen Ultimate" column of this past Friday. Still, a question of vocabulary: Why was it necessary to have the subject teeth "christened" wisdom teeth? Couldn't they just be "named" or "designated" or "termed" as such? I find the usage of such sectarian, Christian-specific terminology rather grating. While we're at it, how about getting rid of other Christian imagery such as "the good Samaritan," "christening" of a ship, etc.? David Tamir Ein Hod

Sham protest from Shai

In response to "Enough of this sham council" (Opinion, Nachman Shai, Febrary 3 ). I am delighted that Nachman Shai pointed out that he is a "reelected MK for the Labor Party" - that depends on how you present it. After all, he may be a reelected MK, but he should have added "but this time for the Labor Party" and maybe next time Likud. We are all aware that the UNHRC has a bad record with regard to Israel, but surely in this case our new Labor MK cannot argue with its ruling that Israel's settlement policy is a violation of the Geneva Convention. And although we hardly heard a word from the Labor Party in regard to a peace settlement or a two-state solution, I had thought that this was part of their platform. (This silence, by the way, sent many of us to Meretz ). He must be aware that the building in the West Bank and the takeover of land is making it nigh impossible for the Palestinians to have any contiguous and viable state. How can this Labor MK protest the work of the council in this particular instance? As far as human rights are concerned, I suggested that MK Shai take a tour of Arab villages next to settlements, that he see the broken olive trees, the burned mosques, the way demonstrators are treated (not with gas but with guns ), and take a day's visit to Hebron to see the humiliation of the Palestinians caused by the occupation. I would like to believe that he would be horrified by the facts on the ground. In regard to a partial boycott on products from the settlements by some European states, they are obviously better informed that we Israelis. I try so hard not to buy goods manufactured in the occupied territories but cannot find the source on the packaging. Alice Krieger