Lebanese Television Shows Pictures of 'Spy Equipment' With Hebrew Writing

Photos of spy equipment show the words 'mini cloud' in Hebrew and the name of an Israeli manufacturer; Lebanese army says it found two Israeli spy devices in mountains near Beirut on Wednesday.

Lebanese television channels yesterday broadcast close-up pictures of the alleged Israeli spy equipment the Lebanese Army discovered on Wednesday. The pictures showed Hebrew words printed on the devices, as well as the words "made in Israel" in English.

Also yesterday, a Lebanese radio station claimed that an explosion heard in Lebanon late Wednesday was an Israel Defense Forces operation aimed at destroying an espionage device the IDF had installed off the coast of Sidon. The day before, the Voice of Lebanon had reported that Israeli fighter jets and helicopters were seen firing flares over Sidon and that Israeli battleships had been spotted in the area.

The pictures of the espionage devices, which included photographic equipment and laser and broadcast equipment, showed the Hebrew inscription "Mini Anan" ("Mini cloud" ), a serial number and the English words "Beam Systems Israel Ltd."

Media reports in Lebanon said these devices, located in mountainous areas overlooking Beirut, were laser pointers intended to direct Israeli aerial bombardments.

This is the third time in a year that Israeli intelligence-gathering equipment has reportedly been discovered on Lebanese territory. On the other two occasions, the Lebanese found equipment designed to tap into Hezbollah's independent communications network.

In each case, the Lebanese Army acted on intelligence information provided by Hezbollah itself.

Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah praised the Lebanese Army yesterday for finding the devices despite difficult conditions in the snow-covered mountains. Lebanese President Michel Suleiman reciprocated by commending Hezbollah's cooperation with the Lebanese Army in this matter.

Nasrallah also said yesterday that the international tribunal in The Hague that is investigating the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri will be "gone with the wind." He called the tribunal "a conspiracy" and urged his countrymen to thwart its efforts to accuse Hezbollah operatives, or anyone else, of Hariri's murder.

Finally, he urged all Arab states to stop peace talks with Israel and join Hezbollah's "resistance" against Israel.