Lawn Bowls / Wingate Fives / Ramat Gan Dominates Across the Board

The final round of the Wingate Fives in Netanya was played last weekend and Ramat Gan, which had already secured the overall Andre Spitzer trophy, added cherries to the cupcake by winning the pairs, triples and fours trophies. In the overall log, Ramat Gan finished with 45 points out of a maximum of 52, followed by Ra'anana with 27 and Kiryat Ono and Haifa each with 26. Ramat Gan's overall win was for the second year in a row.

The morning started off with the singles and the fours, and in the singles it was Haifa's Harry Katz, solely unbeaten in preliminary rounds, who outplayed Ramat Hasharon's Yehuda Bar-On to claim the prestigious Shmuel and Shifra Grant Silver trophy. Third place for the Bronze was well deserved by Jerusalem's Haim Deri who beat Ramat Gan's Boaz Marcus in a tie breaker.

The fours final showcased outstanding bowling between Ra'anana's foursome of Colin Silberstein, Gerald Sacks, Gordon Silberstein and Denis Phillips up against Ramat Gan's Yair Bekier, Rami Oron, Arye Kremer and Chaim Shneider. Each of the eight players delivered accurately targeted bowls, and none of the 14 ends played were decided until the very last bowl. Ramat Gan won the first of two seven-end sets 7-4, and in the second set they trailed 4-3 before scoring 1, 2 and 1 in the last three ends to win 6-4 and to collect the Jessel and Cynthia Mendelson trophy.

The Bronze went to Savyon's Eliyahu Sasson, Ezra Babu, Eli Sofer and Dani Gal, who won against Kiryat Ono's Rami Mitrani, Israel Salto, Yona Yogev and Yaakov Raz.

Ramat Gan won its second title in the pairs when Boaz Marcus and Danny Slodovnik outplayed Kiryat Ono's Eli Naveh and Moshe Ayoun to win 13-5 and 13-2 to collect the David and Bernice Pillmer trophy. Third went to Haifa's Harry Katz and Simcha Sagi who won their two sets 10-7, 8-4 against Jerusalem's Norman Abrahamson and Haim Deri.

The day's drama was provided by the triples contest between Ra'anana's Colin Silberstein, his father Gordon and Israel Meushar against Ramat Gan's Oron, Kremer and Zachi Katalon. Ramat Gan - all at sea in the first set - lost 12-5 but rallied strongly in the second set to win 9-2 and force a three-end tie break. Peeled at one end each the third end would be the critical decider and when Gordon Silberstein put his bowl right on the jack it seemed hardly possible that Oron at skip could deny the win to Ra'anana.

His first two attempts to draw on the back hand around two Colin Silverstein's blockers missed the target, but with his last bowl he changed to the fore hand and delivered a beautiful last bowl winner to move the jack to his own back bowl to win the tie break, the game and the Ellie and Queeny Goldblatt Trophy.