Lawn Bowls / Ramat Gan Secures Wingate Trophy Before Final Round

Ramat Gan will be taking home the overall Wingate Andre Spitzer Trophy, notwithstanding that the winners of the individual disciplines are still to be determined in this weekend's final round. Ramat Gan's success is due to their having won their sectional round-robins to qualify for the finals in three of the four disciplines: in the pairs, triples and fours, and also for the "bronze" in the singles.

Ramat Gan cannot be overtaken, irrespective of the day's results. Ra'anana and Kiryat Ono will be in a tight contest for the overall runners-up.

In the singles, Haifa's unbeaten Harry Katz will face Ramat Hasharon's Yehuda Bar-On, who edged out Ramat Gan's Boaz Marcus on a narrow shot difference. The pairs final will be between Kiryat Ono's Elli Naveh and Moshe Ayoun, and Ramat Gan's Marcus and Danny Slodovnik.

In the triples Ra'anana's trio of Colin Silberstein, Gordon Silberstein and Israel Meushar face up against Ramat Gan's Rami Oron, Arye Kremer and Zachi Katalon. Both these teams lost one of their preliminary games. In the fours Ra'anana contest their second final against Ramat Gan, and the two Silbersteins together with Gerald Sacks and Denis Phillips will be up against Ramat Gan's Yair Bekier skipping for Oron, Kremer and Chaim Shneider. Both teams were unbeaten in their preliminary games.

The second round of the women's Fives Tournament was played off last weekend at Ramat Gan, with the day ending with mixed fortunes. After an accumulated total of six games played in the singles, pairs and triples, not one of the seven participating sides dominate.

Ramat Hasharon has fared best with four wins out of six, for eight points, while Ra'anana, Kiryat Ono and the two Ramat Gan teams recorded three wins each for six points. (Netanya and Haifa have each had a bye).

Ramat Hasharon's squad of Yaffa Lavin, Lola Katz, Gina Eting and Elaine Finkelstein are undefeated in both the pairs and the triples, and are matched only in the pairs by Tzila Gavish and Rivka Zalinger of Ramat Gan's A side.

Unbeaten in the singles are Kiryat Ono's Ruthie Gilor and Ra'anana's Laureen Harris. Gilor won her first game 18-7 against Ramat Hasharon's Lola Katz, but in her second win last weekend she scraped through 18-16 against Ramat Gan's Riri Merav after leading 16-3.

Harris has won her two games against Haifa's Miriam Pappenheimer and Ramat Gan's Sari Fridman, both with 18-7 wins.