Lawn Bowls / Ramat Gan Men, Haifa Women Come Up Big

Ramat Gan men bowlers and Haifa women shared the day's honors when they won their respective annual national triples championship crowns this past weekend at Ramat Gan.

For the men, Ramat Gan's Boaz Marcus, skipping for Dedi Hakak and Alfredo Liederman, beat Haifa's Chaim Shefer, Yossi Greenberg and Ari Ben-Dor, 22-6. In women's play, Haifa's Miriam Pappenheimer with Galina Fishman and Irit Grenchel beat Ra'anana's Pat Breiter, Laura Nickel and Ricky Futeran, 23-5.

Despite their wide final margins, both matches were keenly contested.

The youthful combination of 25-year-old Marcus and 23-year-old Hakak provided a powerful display of bowls throughout the tournament, and with good support from Liederman at lead, the Ramat Gan trio never looked like it was going to lose. In its semifinal match, the team swept aside its Ramat Gan clubmates, who were skipped by Maximo Wagensberg.

In an even more outstanding effort, Marcus' trio won its quarterfinal game against Ra'anana's Colin Silberstein, with Gordon Silberstein and Ivan Kantor, when Marcus earned his side a one-shot win by drawing his very last bowl onto the jack after Hakak had burned the previous head with an excellent full-out drive with Ra'anana lying game.

Marcus added to his previous achievements, including his recent selection to Israel's touring team to Ireland and last year's runner-up in the World under 25 singles championships. Hakak will take Marcus' place this year in the World under 25 tournament.

In the women's section, Breiter with Nickel and Futeran deserved to reach the finals with excellent all-around bowling, En route to the final, the Ra'anana trio accounted for prominent high-ranking players, in turn, against the sides skipped by Liat Atlas, Helen Gordon, Tami Kamzel and Dolores Linde. Futeran, with consistent accurate drawing to the head, was followed in similar style by Nickel, both providing excellent support for their skip Breiter, who frustrated her opponents with consistent saving conversion shots. But again at the end it was the Haifa trio that ruled the roost giving no leeway to their never-say-die opposition. Grenchel at lead set the pace followed similarly by Fishman, and this time it was Pappenheimer's turn to turn the tables on Breiter with outstanding drawing and running shots to the head.

The annual national championships in singles, pairs and fours will be played off during the week of Succoth.